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Delores   l_dboals@hotmail.com
06-22-2011 2:39:33 PM CST

We love Ringo. He is so smart and loving. I get so many compliments of how good looking he is. We love him and he is spoiled rotten.

06-15-2011 11:09:34 PM CST
I just had my female poodle tested that we bought from you. She is now 7 months old and passed prelim hips, ofa good and ofa elbows normal and SA clear. I will be doing her eyes and vWD yet. She is a delight. We just put her in a guardian home and they are enjoying her. I like to make sure they are going to pass hips and elbows before putting them in a guardian home. Thanks for a fantastic puppy. Her brown is still nice and dark. Christine

Kathy   mattimorep@aol.com
06-05-2011 2:47:26 PM CST

Maggie Mae is getting to be a big girl. She has adapted well to FL sunshine and is slowing turning silver spotted. She is doing well with her obedience training.

04-27-2011 4:49:35 PM CST

Benni is 7 months old, Sept. 16,2010, Rose's litter. She is the light of our lives, smart, funny, and always wanting to please and cuddle. She has friends on the walking trail and friends at the soccer field. Her only problem is wanting to eat every piece of plastic she ever encounters. Only one trip to Urgent Care so far! A great puppy - we couldn't be happier.

Marilee Partridge
04-23-2011 12:26:27 AM CST

My Cocoa is 6 months old now, I couldn't be happyier with her. Potty training was so easy and she is so smart, picks up on tricks easly. I would recommend Alisha and Adrian to buy puppies from, they are always there for you if you have questions about training etc. Cocoa is a labadoole and I think the most beautiful puppy, thanks again for what a great addition she is to my family.

Mark   racibug4c@yahoo.com
03-06-2011 12:33:14 AM CST

This is Kooper, the chocolate labradoodle from your October litter. . We couldn’t have picked a better dog for our family. He is such good natured and very entertaining and incredible smart. He was the one that was very reserved and shy and kinda withdrawn, but as soon as we got him home his personality really came out. Wherever we go with him he really is the show. What is he, where did we get him. He has become quite the celebrity at PetSmart, he graduated from his first training class. He can sit, laydown, shake, getup, spin by using all hand signals and no words. He also knows stay and leave it. Very smart dog!!!

Laurel   warr2384@comcast.net
01-05-2011 10:27:55 PM CST

I wanted to say one more thing. It was a great idea to get two puppies from the same litter. From day one, there was no separation anxiety. They snuggled up to each other at night in their kennel, and there was no crying. Now, they romp together, rest their heads on each other and relax together, play fetch together, play tug of war with each other with a toy, and they both are very excited to see us, practically licking our faces off! They snuggle and bond with us, too. There\\

Laurel   warr2384@comcast.net
01-05-2011 10:13:07 PM CST

We have been extremely satisfied with our experience with Adrian and Alisha. They are so nice to work with, and they have been very helpful, always ready to offer advice when needed. We just love our adorable labradoodles, Ruby and Gracie. They are the most elegant, beautiful dogs imaginable. They both have such sweet natures. They are great with kids. Being doggy door trained, they were able to readily adjust to our doggy door when we first brought them home. This made the whole potty training process so much easier. I have problems with pet allergies, but I am not allergic to these beautiful dogs. Their dad has a wonderful quality of poodle hair, and both Ruby and Gracie inherited their dad's high quality hair. We highly recommend aagpoodles.

deb   debnusbaumer@yahoo.com
01-01-2011 8:49:23 AM CST
i have been on hundreds of poodle sites and just wanted to let you know that i think your babies and the most exceptional i have seen so far.

Jeff Wilkinson   jeffwilkinson@hotmail.com
12-05-2010 7:15:50 PM CST

I had to share this photo. I took Clover duck hunting with me. She loved it and did much better than expected. Guess I got me a new hunting buddy.

Joe McCall and Brian Langley   swampbottomboer@aol.com
11-28-2010 8:02:23 AM CST

We lost our english bull unexpectantly in June and went on a mission to find another "child". We found 2. We did this after every standard poodle owner said they wish they had gotten 2 at the beginning. So we got Shelby and Loretta. Cant believe how incredibly easy it was to drive through the atlanta airport curb service and see heads sticking up outside of the bag. we made the 4 hour trip home with no problems. They went in and out of the pet door and now these sweet little pups are 6 months old and have become the sneakiest sock snacthers I have ever had to monitor. They are not loud, so you really have to pay attention and not leave clean laundry out or they will show up outside with a sock and a kiss. We love them and spend much time watching "Poodle TV". They dont know that they are beautiful so they do not have princess fever. However, when you are in bed with them, they will claim your spot and pillow if you allow them. Thank you for working with us and filling our home with with lots of pitter patter poodle feet, and so many smiles for us and all who are blessed to witness. Oh and by the way, we have had NO health issues or problems of any kind. We fully reccomend these breeders/makers of smiles.

Jeff Wilkinson   jeffwilkinson@hotmail.com
11-16-2010 10:40:43 PM CST

We got our Standard Parti Poodle from them in early 2010. We have been very pleased and are happy with how smart our dog has become. Thanks for everything!

Rick West   reqwest@gmail.com
10-26-2010 10:47:11 AM CST
We got our doodle mid October, and we have been soo thrilled. She is almost 11 weeks, and is incredibly adorable. She was so well socialized, sensitive and calm, and fit in beautifully with the family, with only minimal anxiety for the 1st day or two. I am so pleased with the puppy, and how well she was cared for by the Garlicks. They are the very best, and I couldn't be happier to recommend their breeding approach. Thanks so very much. Will post the pics soon...Rick

Crystal leaman
08-17-2010 8:11:28 PM CST
We adopted our baby girl from them the end of June 2010. They were very responsible breeders who welcomed us into their home to visit her as she grew up. They got her first set of shots and vet check, and were full of valuable information about the breed. Their home was always clean, puppies well kept, even groomed! They started them on the right track for potty training, as well as socializing them with small childen. Ally has been a wonder addition to our family and we love her dearly and are very grateful they were responsible breeders who cared and loved their puppies.

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