All dogs on our website are our dogs and they either live with us or in an amazing guardian home!! All of our dogs are treated as family pets first and formost, we are blessed with the puppies they let us be part of raising and seeing go to wonderful new homes! All thanks go to our wonderful doggie moms! 



 Riverviews Red Ruby

​Mini/Toy Goldendoodle

​15 inches tall 15 lbs

​Health testing:

Genetic DNA testing on over 150 genetic diseases with Embark

​Patellar Luxation (knees) OFA normal


​Elbows OFA normal

​Ruby is such a great dog. She is very easygoing and lets the kids do anything with her and she enjoys what ever they do with her. She is very calm. She loves her toys and loves going on walks. My daughter Lydia does jumps with her and she loves the attention.







Riverviews Grizzly 

Mini Multigeneration Goldendoodle

Health Testing:

Genetic testing on over 150 genetic diseases with Embark

16.5 inches tall 18.5 lbs

Grizzly is very sweet, she has a nice low energy personality. She rarely ever barks. She loves children and is very smart. She is a therapy dog and once Covid is over she’ll be visiting the children’s hospital. She has a great fun personality. She is wavy coated and 100% non shedding. She is a beautiful cream color.  Grizzly  is very eager to please and passes her amazing temperament onto her puppies. 




Riverviews Maggie

​Toy Multigeneration Goldendoodle

​13 inches tall 12 lbs

​Health Testing:

Embark genetics testing on over 150 genetic defects

Knees OFA normal, Hips OFA GOOD,

Elbows OFA Normal 

Genetic testing on over 150 genetic diseases with Embark

Maggie is so loving and sweet she is definitely a perfect lap dog. She is very small for a Goldendoodle. She is very easy going and loves my children. She gets along with all the other dogs and has no bad habits.