Riverviews Red Red Rover

Miniature F1B Goldendoodle

17 inches tall 21 lbs

Health testing:

Petellar Luxation (knees) tested OFA normal

Rover is the most gorgeous Goldendoodle I have seen, with his amazing dark red color and stunning bright white markings. He loves children and has an amazing calm sweet temperament. He is very smart and learns new things very fast. He loves the water and loves to play ball. He is all around an amazing little guy.








Riverviews Zeke

​Mini Multigen Goldendoodle

Health testing: Knees OFA Normal

​Elbows OFA Normal, Hips OFA Excellent

​16 inches 19 lbs

​Zeke is an amazing little boy! I am so excited to have a stud with his amazing calm easygoing temperament! He is a gorgeous addition to our breeding program. Zeke LOVES kids, he acts motherly to my baby and is so careful when around him. He has such a soft amazing nonshedding wavy fleece coat.