Our dogs are not just breeders, they are a huge part of our family. We very much enjoy them. We love spending time playing with them, taking them to the park, to the pond, playing fetch with them and just being with them everyday. We love watching how funny they are. We love the first snow of the winter and watching the dogs go out for the first time they run and roll and rub their faces in the snow. I love watching how wonderful our dogs are with my children and how much the children learn and grow from having these amazing dogs in their lives. We love the compassion they give when we are just having a bad day and you can tell they know because they will just lie next to us with their head in our lap letting us know its ok. We love waking up with lots of happy faces and tails wagging excited to see us. All of our dogs live inside our home.



While our tree is up this is always our puppies favorite place to nap.