Riverview Doodles Home of the Miniature and Toy Goldendoodles

Welcome to Riverview Doodles in Eagle Mountain Utah!!

I will start out by telling you our goals here, why we have these goals and finally what we do to meet these goals.

1. Our most important goal is to improve the health of the Goldendoodle. We want our puppies to live long, healthy and happy lives. All of our puppy families want a puppy that will be part of their family as long as possible, which is very important to us. 

How do we do this? We have all of our parent dogs health tested for many different genetic illnesses and defects. Our dogs are DNA tested for over 150 different genetic issues. They are also patella and heart tested through our vet. Our puppies come with a lifetime genetic/congenital guarantee! We also only feed top quality food to our dogs and puppies. Nutrition plays an important role in healthy puppy development. Our puppies are kept up to date on all deworming and vaccinations. We also preform ENS on all of our puppies from ages 3-16 days. ENS has many life long lasting benefits such as- greater tolerance of stress, greater resistance to disease, faster adrenal system, and stronger heart beat and heart rate.


2. Most no shedding hypoallergenic coats as possible. We understand that many people get Goldendoodles for their non shedding coats.

We do everything we can to get as minimal of shedding as possible. We dna test all of our parents for the shedding genes and we only match up pairs that will produce the non shedding coats. All of our puppies are as hypoallergenic and non shedding as a poodle is. Even our beautiful wavy coats are as hypoallergenic as a Poodle. In the past before we knew about the dna testing we produced shedding puppies and had unhappy customers which is heart breaking for the family and the puppy so we now make sure that will never happen again.


3. Another very important goal is to produce very well tempered dogs. We want puppies that are amazing with children. Dogs who are confident and who would be great service and therapy dogs. We produce very well rounded fun yet manageable puppies. 

There are many things we do to achieve this. First off we have very well mannered parent dogs with great temperaments. We raise our puppies with ENS from 3-16 days which creates puppies with a higher tolerance to stress. We socialize the puppies with my 6 children ages 1-15. My children love holding the puppies and love to help care for them. The puppies are raised in our home so they get used to all the normal house hold commotion. They are introduced to toys and chews they play in tents and tunnels and they are introduced to the crate. With all of this they become very confident pups. Our pups are grass pad trained for easier potty training. 

4. 100% satisfied customers and none of our puppies ending up in shelters.

This is a very important goal for us. We want our puppies to be loved and to become a huge part of their families lives. If for any reason you are unhappy with your puppy whether it’s due to personal reasons or puppy reasons I’m here to help. If you cannot keep your puppy/dog I can help you find a family or before you ever think of sending it to a shelter I will take it back even 10 yrs later. If you are frustrated with potty training or have a puppy that’s chewing I’m here to help you trouble shoot and get the puppy and you onto the right track. If Mother Nature decides to give the puppy a defect I will stand behind my guarantee. If you are local and will be out of town I will also offer boarding here at my home for your puppy at a discounted rate of $10 a day so your puppy never has to stay in a kennel setting. 

Our dogs are living inside our home. They are treated as amazing pets and family members. They are always clean and well cared for. They are bathed and brushed weekly. They are kept up to date on vet visits. They are very loved and played with daily and kept up on socialization. We have been breeding for nearly 15 yrs and have learned through a lot of research and trial and error. We are still learning and implementing any new benefits we come across. I would need to right a book I’m order to include everything we do to raise our puppies and care for our dogs. This is just a small summary of the things we do in our breeding program.


             We feed only the best possible food to our dogs and puppies. We feed Lifes Abundance food. It is a very high quality holistic food with added prebiotics and live probiotics. We do highly recommend our puppies to continue to be fed this food once they go to their new homes. The food is very easy to get it ships right to your door. If you would like to order food or treats for your new family member just follow this link.



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