Riverview Doodles


           Attention: In the past before I started DNA testing all of my dogs I produced 2 litters of puppies that consisted of some high shedding puppies. I feel absolutely terrible for this and because of this I now DNA test my dogs for the shedding genes to ensure this will not ever happen again.

   We are in Eagle Mountain, Utah. My kids and I fully participate in the care of our dogs and raising of the puppies. Our puppies are very well socialized with children of all ages and are used to lots of normal house hold noises and commotion. They are also raised around our amazing hairless Sphynx cats. 

We Specialize in red and apricot Miniature Goldendoodles. We also from time to time have amazing parti marked puppies.  

                Our dogs are such amazing well tempered healthy dogs. We take great care of our sweet canine family members they get bathed once a week, brushed twice a week, nails kept trimmed, and ears cleaned. They get fed top quality food that is available for them to eat during the daytime. They get a daily vitamin as well as one boiled egg for each dog each day. During the summer we have a kid pool filled with water available each tune they go outside to play or potty. They go on camping trips with us as well as movies in the park with the family. They sleep in crates at night, they always have chew toys and humans nearby during the day to keep them occupied and happy. They go to the vet yearly, they are kept up to date on deworming sand vaccines. 

          Our puppies are born inside my room next to my bed, so they can be closely monitored. I wake up every 3 hours to latch them to mom and check for any problems, for the first 2 weeks. That doesn't count the number of times I wake up, or run to check on them every time they cry, just to make sure something isn't wrong. After 2 weeks of age my kids start holding them and cuddling them, they hold them everyday and help with their imprinting by rubbing their ears, toes, tails, tummies, mouths, and by holding them on their backs and many other little things that help turn the puppies into great confident easy to train dogs and will help prevent nipping when older. They get tons of attention everyday. They get their areas cleaned several times everyday and sanitized once a day, they are bathed once a week and are used to the bathing process before going home.   

            Our moms are given booster shots 1 month before being bred so that the new puppies get a higher immune system which makes for healthier puppies and less chance of contracting parvo. Our puppies are given their first vaccines at 6 weeks of age then are given another vaccine every 3 weeks as long as they are with us up to 3 vaccines.  Moms and puppies are dewormed every 2 weeks until the puppies are 8 weeks old then they are dewormed every month like the rest of the dogs.                


             We feed only the best possible food to our dogs and puppies. We feed Lifes Abundance food. It is a very high quality holistic food with added prebiotics and live probiotics. We do highly recommend our puppies to continue to be fed this food once they go to their new homes. The food is very easy to get it ships right to your door. If you would like to order food or treats for your new family member just follow this link.



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