Meet our amazing rescue dogs. We usually have one sweet rescue dog at a time. We train them and get them off to the best start possible. They will be spayed or neutered, checked out by a vet and any medical needs addressed. Once they are ready to be adopted we will start interviewing families for these very deserving pups. The adoption fee will only cover a small amount that has been spent on these pups and will allow us to continue to rescue dogs. 


This stunning boy is named Scout. He was in the shelter for over a month. His behavior started to deteriorate because he could not handle being locked in a small kennel day after day watching all the other dogs get out while he just sat being ignored. He lost his social skill and has no idea how to act out in the world. He slept on concrete everyday he was there. When we rescued him and brought him home he rubbed all over the rug, I could tell he was so happy to be on soft floor for a change. This poor boy has calluses and open sores on his elbows from them digging into the concrete. He sleeps on my 12 yr olds bed, he tries sleeping on top of her. We are working on house breaking him. We are getting him neutered and getting an ear infection treated and helping his elbows heal up. We are also working on basic commands and focusing lots of time on socializing. This beautiful boy will be available to the perfect home when he’s past his training, housebreaking and socializing. He will likely need to be in a home as an only pet. He is AMAZING with children of all ages. Please help spread the word that this deserving boy will be looking for a home in the near future.