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Hannah Polok   hannahchristine85@hotmail.com
04-13-2021 10:29:41 AM CST

This is Farley, born in Sep, 2020. His parents are Grizzly and Nico. He is such a sweet, chill little pup and is great with our kids. He loves everyone he meets, loves sleeping on his back, is super cuddly, and is such a joy to have in our family.

Emily   egoldstein224@gmail.com
04-18-2020 7:35:16 PM CST

This is Levi! He loves to cuddle and has a very playful personality. He is such a sweet pup and brings so much joy to our life!!!

01-12-2020 7:19:42 PM CST

Penny is a pup of Ruby. She was born August 2018. She is the sweetest! She loves to play and cuddle and is amazing with people. She weighs 14.8 pounds at 1.5 years.

Kristin   Knest23@gmail.com
04-06-2018 3:29:36 PM CST

This is Sajah. She is from Ruby and Zeke, picked up in March 2018. We couldn't be more in love with her. She has the strongest personality i have ever seen in a puppy. She is so smart. She's learning commands quickly and already loves her crate. She loves every person and other dog she has met and she is so adventurous! We had an awesome experience with the breeder, Alisha. She answered all of my questions and made us feel like we were apart of Sajah's life before we even got her. Thanks, Alisha!

Nicole LaBore   Nicflex56@yahoo.com
03-05-2018 3:17:51 PM CST

Happy 1st birthday, Hazel! Luna and Rover, March 3, 2017

Jill   jillangerbauer@gmail.com
01-01-2018 11:49:29 AM CST

This is our little Penny. She is from Ruby’s June 2017 litter. She is almost seven months old now and is the perfect family dog! She potty trained quickly, loves to be around kids and adults of any age, loves other dogs and cats, plays in the snow for hours, loves to swim and retrieve, and cuddles with us every chance she gets. She also loves learning tricks with the kids and doing “dog trick shows” at family parties and school show and tell. She is the best dog ever and we are so grateful to Riverview Doodles for sharing such an amazing family dog with us! We will continue to recommend you to all our friends and everyone who stops us to ask where we got such a cute dog. Thank you!

Beatrix    beapinkal@hotmail.com
11-06-2017 10:37:41 PM CST

This is Chumly, he is 4 months old now. We love him so much! He is smart, obedient and funny! He loves to cuddle and follow you everywhere you go! We would love to find his brothers and sisters. His mom is Peanut and I'm not sure about his dad's name but he was born on July 22nd 2017.

10-27-2017 12:13:59 AM CST

This is Scout. She is now 3 months old. She rings a bell to go outside to potty. She loves her walks and loves to play. We love having her!

09-12-2017 9:18:57 PM CST

This is Rosie on her 1st Birthday! She is such an amazing family dog and we feel so lucky to have gotten her from River View Doodles. She is smart, affectionate, and obedient. Her temperment is so balanced and she loves kids! I know that's in part because she was born into this large breeder family! Thank you for our perfect dog!

09-12-2017 9:18:25 PM CST

Alicea Fratto   alicea.fratto@yahoo.com
07-29-2017 2:31:43 PM CST

Meet our Henry he is 1yrs old today. Henry's parents are Luna and Rover July 2016. Our Henry has so much personality and is very smart and affectionate.Henry has changed our lives forever!!!!

Nicole Adams LaBore   nicflex56@yahoo.com
06-30-2017 7:08:50 PM CST

Meet Hazel: an adorable girl from Luna and Rover's March 2017 litter. Hazel is 4 months old, reliably potty trained and crate trained. She is smart as a whip! We teach her something once or twice and she has it down! Hazel is gentle and loving to our boys who are 7 and 1; she loves to run around our country property and dig in the boys' sandbox. We love her so much!!

Ally & Rain Dartt   allison.dartt@gmail.com
06-22-2017 11:52:54 AM CST

Our little Penny is now 4mo old- a pup from Luna and Rover's Mar 3, 2017 litter. She is an absolute doll- so cuddly and sweet but also sassy and fun! She loves every person she meets, especially kids and she's starting to break out of her shell with other dogs. She's just got the best personality. She's completely non-shedding and doesn't bother my husband's allergies at all. We love her to pieces! Thank you all so much for blessing us with this little love of our lives :)

Clifton Family
03-30-2017 10:40:27 PM CST

Hi! I've been meaning to add to this page for ages, so here it is. Meet Charlotte (Gizzy + Rojo's February 2015 litter). She recently turned TWO and is sweeter than ever. I always say we got lucky with such an amazing temperament, but it sounds like everyone else on here feels the same :) Your puppies are the best. Question: Has anyone else's dark red doodle changed to a light apricot color after being shaved down for the first time? I'll add an updated photo tomorrow, but now only her paws/tail/ears/nose are this dark. Her coat has a lovely ombré effect, but it was still very unexpected.

Robert and Michal
01-22-2017 11:50:54 AM CST

We brought our beloved Charlotte home on July 29. She is now 7 months old and we are completely in love! Thank you! We recommend you to everyone we meet!

Sunny   Lalichbonnie@gmail.com
07-17-2016 12:04:47 PM CST

Sunny is Rubys sister!

The Erikson Family
06-16-2016 2:59:43 PM CST

This is our puppy Rebel. He's a miniature Labradoodle, and he has the prettiest markings. We got him after a devastating death of our whoodle at Christmas time. He has done so well, and he's such a good boy. He cuddles with us, he loves being around people, and he's so smart. We love him so much and can't imagine life with out him!

The Erikson Family
06-16-2016 2:59:41 PM CST

The Erikson Family
06-16-2016 2:59:40 PM CST

Robin Lefkowitz
05-22-2016 7:36:51 PM CST

Meet Ruby. She is one of Luna and Red Rover's babies from their Feb 23 liter. Ruby is a friendly, well behaved and SO SMART! She is so loved by us, we couldn't imagine not having her. She's also absolutely gorgeous, and anyone who sees her tells us how beautiful she is.

Laurie Wixom   lwixom91@hotmail.com
01-07-2016 6:41:12 PM CST

Update on Max (Belle & Elmo- Oct.2014) This is a picture of Max at the beach this summer. He loved it! His training is going great- started his service dog tasks. He just excels! He's so smart. Thanks again!

01-05-2016 10:14:29 PM CST

We adopted Lily for Christmas and our boys are in heaven!! She is the sweetest little girl and we love her!

Lynette   Lynetteheideman@msn.com
01-04-2016 2:28:22 PM CST

We are lucky enough to have a Labordoodle and Goldendoodle, Yogi and Boo. They are family! We take them everywhere with us and they always attract a crowd. Thank you so much! We couldn't be happier.

07-07-2015 12:28:46 PM CST

This is Amira at 8 months. Her parents are Mini and Dexter. She is the half sister to Robert (Kristina Carter) and they have a great time playing together.

Celia Berlin   cberlin9@gmail.com
06-22-2015 10:35:07 AM CST
Is Schaunda still available?

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