â€‹We offer training services to families that buy our puppies. We only offer this service to at most two puppies per litter. You can choose 1 month of training where we start on house breaking, crate training, basic commands and manners like sit, stay, lay down, come, wait, and leash training. We also offer two months of training where we focus on the same things but we also introduce the bell for bell potty training. They become more advanced in house breaking, crate training, and commands. Each puppy is individual and it depends on the puppy how far they go with the training.

​1 Month: $600

​2 Months: $1100


​We are super excited to announce that we will be holding back and training puppies for Christmas. We will have three trained Christmas puppies. They will be well on their way to house breaking. Doing well with bell potty training, they will know sit, stay, come, down and other fun tricks. They will be completely crate trained through the night. These puppies will be already spayed and neutered so you won’t have to deal with that. They will be done with all their puppy vaccines and will be microchipped and all caught up with deworming. They will be very well socialized. They will be used to car rides and will have experience out in public. They will be 6 months old at Christmas time. We are starting training on 4 puppies but will only keep 3 until Christmas so if you are interested in getting one now we do have one that we will be placing before Christmas time. 

Trained puppies $3200